What motivates me

Everyone should have a reason to get out of bed, especially in the winter; to go to work, take the bus, pay rent, water the plants, go to sleep, and repeat the script routinely. Some try to soften the negative balance, others accumulate for a day, never planned, to enjoy. But there are some reasons that are not in the contracts signed.

I speak of smiles. When you receive your salary and, in a short time, it is gone from your sight, at least we could already be satisfied. Money, as many say, is problem and solution. What we conquer with money does not take us anywhere other than our memories (unless we have a short memory, then we turn to the pictures we put on the nets or things like that).

I confess that I have been relapsed into oblivion. For a few moments, I let go of the fact that I sleep next to a smile. Yet, unlike our day-to-day running with all your gear and codes, that smile does not depend on a particular reason other than my own smile. Something automatic, I already smiled even when I had no honest reason to get out of bed.

When I remember that smile I work better, I breathe better, even my pains are not so crazy. And to think that this smile lived a thousand miles from me! I think that's right there, because we do not run after what we want as crazy, to accommodate sad. Mishaps are normal during our achievements as well. Nothing we plant in one day and reap in the other will not need care there. That's why we got out of bed. For human beings. For the same reasons they also stand up for us. The more smiles, the better we are working.

And my smile is called Daniele (and Sophia too!).

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