By Max Von Smith

Today I went to the market to buy tomatoes. What do you think? Yes, it was more expensive. The interest rate on perishable products had risen 1.23%, compared to the most recent survey by IERUUSA (Institute of Economic Research, of the University of the United States of America). It is no wonder that economists are afflicted by the scenario that is being drawn, and can thus trigger a wave of pessimism in the markets. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange, for example, closed with a slight high of 0.43%, the worst result of the last three days. This has prompted Siberian farmers to start a wave of strikes in the sector, which could put a brake on the vertiginous Hungarian economy. Nonetheless, the primary sector has grown far below expectations, even driven by Chinese government investments. It is no wonder that investors are withdrawing money from speculative stocks, as some analysts point out. Most likely, in two or three years, the map of the current situation can be drawn, with the planning of the business plans already added therein the sanctions issued by the head of the Arab countries, Maximilian Delapopoulus. However, the bilateral agreement reached between the leaders of Mesopotamia and the Persian parliament would not result in anything if the general overview of the flow of Bolivian maritime investment is not taken into account. In the case of the crisis in the Balkan countries, the hypothesis of Aztec intervention is more appropriate, given the possibility of alternative directions in a promising future. Even more so after the insertion of sustainable practices in the production of wheat, the main engine of the Jamaican economy. We must not forget that national holidays, such as Great-Grandfather's Day, help in commerce and industry, increasing currency circulation, once weakened by the replacement of the old nickel by the civil works plywood. With all this considered coolly, we can expect better days, even if the high inflation rate, arbitrarily postponed by the minister of farm health development, can de-structure social policies that have contributed so much to the future of the employees of the industries for the next 200 years. Optimism must be put into practice and the investments in the energy of the stock market papers, which today are worth more than money, can not be guaranteed in 25 minutes. In this case, the income tax will be useful if it does not exceed the lagged limit that the government preaches.

And hey, I just wanted to buy some tomatoes.

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