Excuses to escape from the responsibilities

Anyone who has seen the 2006 film "Idiocracy" probably has, in addition to finding it funny, realized that there is a bit of truth in that background theory (although involution is contested by science). Society, which in its own view is more "enlightened and sufficient," thinks that it is saved in all aspects of ignorance, especially by placing the present man, free from primitive vices, as the ideal. Or, for convenience, they stop thinking about it, since the various protocols tell us how we should act with others, exempting us from any "physical and embarrassing" obligation.

Another point I'd like to point out reminds me of Seinfeld's episode "The Dog." In that initial monologue he imagines how funny it would be if aliens observed our customs on earth, especially with regard to dogs. He says that by observing a man and a dog walking down the street, where the dog does poop and the man carries, naturally the aliens would conclude that the dog is our leader. Which, almost 30 years later, may seem like an unkind joke, as dogs can now have health insurance, inheritance, and a "marriage" ceremony.

The fact that we leave to the state, the constitution, or any NGO our basic duties towards our neighbor only makes us cool and make ourselves independent of any attitude towards our neighbor. The result is that we value living beings less dependent on exhortation. Many Christians admit this as well, since in their own understanding they believe that, just like dogs, they only need vaccines and a little ration to move on. Hosea had already said that "the people perish, or perish, because of lack of knowledge." However, some Christians give way to this interpretation of Naturalism, that we should "let things flow," that "everything will work out at the end," only remaining to complete a background path with John Lennon's "Imagine."

That is running away from our responsibilities. Creating and dealing with a human being is not easy. But I can not perceive this, as a Christian, a lost case and that we must escape for something simpler. I am not against animals, but what are our priorities? Sometimes, I think we really want to be the haven of Jehovah's Witnesses, where we can live in peace with wild animals, and why not, with some wild humans.

We are charged to position ourselves on many subjects, but in this there seems to be a tangent where many Christians flock. Either we let things flow and we agree that natural selection takes care of everything - which would still give scope for Planned Parenthood to become the Planning Ministry itself - or act to stop us from returning to ignorance. It is not God's desire that we should perish, but that we may be saved.

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