By The Moralist

Despite the title, this letter I found in the trash. Long ago, I found old law books thrown in the street (I hate when I see books thrown in the streets, it's as if knowledge was rubbish). Of course he would never study Law, he would only walk around with the books to denote a certain "higher degree." Or maybe they would help support my coffee table whose leg is broken.

Within a worker's rights book, I found a letter from a sender, which I will call "Dilma," and a recipient, whom I shall call "Aetius," just to preserve true names by using names wholly unencumbered .

Well, there she is.

"Dear Aetius,

I want in those humble words to thank everything that we spent together. All those moments were magical, not to say fantastic. I always dreamed of days like this, and with you everything came true. Since I met you, in the ergonomics faculty, I got better my posture. I'm an accomplished woman now, and I can express that without a shame in my cheeky face.

Remember that walk that we took in hand and, inadvertently, we give a blow on the judo teacher? I will never forget the blows you took for me! It was amazing. I think it was love ...

I sigh when I remember our picnics on campus grass, college parties, and the boring quantum physics classes where you, always understandable, made them nicer when you threw paper balls at the teacher.

I miss university cafeteria, graduations, medical meetings and topographical surveys on soccer fields! I miss the free snacks you gave me truculently! And from our motto: "When I see that I am going beyond the limits, I continue to see how far it will go". I just do not miss that last day.

I will never forget, even with much regret, that day of December 13, 1973. When the police discovered that we were attending the university without authorization to study any course. Rays! How can them do this to us? In fact, I knew everything, I apologize for not telling you that we could not be there. But today, 10 years later, I recognize that we have not done the right thing. I still do not think we should have stoned the chemistry lab, which set off that fire and destroyed two whole buildings of the complex ...

Do not worry, because in 25 years you will be at liberty! I know they have not been easy all those years in jail, but know that I have always marveled at your act of taking the blame alone! I know there were rebellions and you were the only one who did not run away, I was proud! I always knew that you were honest. I still do not understand why you went to a maximum security penitentiary shortly after, but it should be good, because you'll be even safer there.

I know I have not written many letters, this is actually the first one. Since then, I've got married. I hope that you does not have angry, I know I promised that we would be married after 35 years apart, but on the fifth business day after his arrest I decided to get married, because time was slow to pass. I have five children, six marriages. I live with money of pensions today, but I've worked a few days.

Despite this, I still look forward to his return. I know we still have a lot in common, and even after 35 years we could still start over from where we left off. We could visit the campus, pick up a few books in the library or attend biology and astronomy classes, use the restrooms without giving a damn, I do not know.

I miss you, Aetius. I miss money too, but that's all people feel. Except the cotton candy vendors! I buy every day! They must be ridden! Maybe I will not marry a cotton candy vendor? I think there's still time, 25 years to go out of prison ...

Anyway, I miss you. Just look me up in that same tree house 10 years ago, I'm still there.

Dilma "

Within the same book, I found the "Aecio" diploma, he left the jail in 2008 and graduated in law in 2013. He sued "Dilma" in 2015, and asked for his removal from the tree house, but he did not win.

I took the address from the tree house and went there. They were both back. They were back on duty. I knew when I saw them running from campus. They were the same age: 80 years.

This is friendship. Destroy the physical to build morale. Or something like this.

Note: The motto highlighted is a phrase of Moralista's authorship, even though he was not born yet in 1983, because, considering that 'find is not stolen', the letter was in the trash.

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