By Olavo de Thatcher

I'm sick of a lot of things. I can not find the old products that I once had. Could are they out of fashion? But do you want to know? I'm sick of the Communists. And plenty is little. Last week I found one on the street and hit a slap in his ear. I suspected he was a Communist for his red clothes.

Good times were JK. 50 years in 5. 10 in 1.1 in three weeks. Wow!! Or the dictatorship, which had nothing of left party. Or the coronelismo, where the election was and still is a mere re-recorded theater. That is why in my house, when the need to evacuate, we use the enclosure of the bottom left. And just.

Anyway, I just want to express the nostalgia that lives in my being, the times when we could go out on the streets and use the private services without workers from the working class there. Today, government assistance enables poor people to have access to everything, even to newsrooms like the one I write. In fact, red ideologies can be acquired in any corner nowadays, by the trifle of wretched sterling coins.

But despite all the destruction caused by Marxist, Stalinist, and videographer leftism, their power is now theirs. Socialism won. Wherever you are now, applaud. Yes, even you who are reading now, get up and clap your hands for communism! They deserve! Today I congratulated former enemies of debates and melee fights during presidential campaigns.

In fact, I take back what I said at the beginning of the speech. I'll ask the publisher to change it. I'm a communist, dear ones, right now. If power belongs to you, we will be hand in hand. I will refrain from lust and militarism. If militaries usurp the power, I will create the UFAG (Urban Force of Anarchist Guerrilla). I will play terror in the city. And after they fall, they will know only what they have done. Of what we did, no. For communism is this! They only want to break without being broken, arrested and live loose! That's right. Forget the palms, no palms for these rascals! If you have already applauded, get up and go! Out of communism! The right party will lives forever! Viva Dom Pedro II and Deodoro da Fonseca! Viva Getúlio and Prestes! Robespierre and Louis XVI! Lenin and Alexander II! André Agassi and Pete Sampras! Tom & Jerry! Caetano and Veloso! Me and a Cuban cigar (pretend it's not Cuban)!

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